Catie, 5; Parent: Cornelia Major, Booragoon, Australia

It’s the Australian bush. There’s lots of space for native animals. People don’t burn fossil fuel, but use wind turbines.
Maria Isabel, 4; Parent: Joelson de Almaida Maia, Juruti, Brazil

Recycle your life and take care of the nature.
Cheyenne, 9; Parent: Arvind Doerdjan, Paranam, Suriname

I will care for and not pollute the environment, and I will see others do the same.
Maksim, 9; Parent: Anna Leshenko, Belaya Kalitva, Russia

The future of nature is in danger because of human activity. The last green island –"Island of Hope."
Michelle, 13; Parent: Michael Karabin, Pittsburgh, PA, US

A Futuristic Community Using Advanced Green Energy
Vanessa, 12; Parent: Daniel Bergeron, Québec, Canada

"Land of Plenty" — Flora and fauna are balanced for all creation to exist in harmony.
Martina, 16; Parent: Mauro Fiorucci, Switzerland

Technology in 30 years intertwined with the green of nature
Trinh, 16; Parent: Khanh Vo, Cleveland, Ohio, US

Future City Life

The winners are:

  • Ages 5 and under
  • Ages 6 through 9
  • Ages 10 through 13
  • Ages 14 through 16

Green Works: Imagine Your World

As a part of Green Works, Alcoa Foundation created the “Imagine Your World” art contest for children of Alcoa’s 60,000 employees to create original artwork depicting their vision for tomorrow’s natural environment. Eight young winners will each receive a US$5,000 grant to their local school or a school in an underserved area. 


The winning art was selected by a panel of judges, including:

  • Ed Barker, Director of Corporate Partnerships, Earthwatch Institute 
  • Kathryn Fuller, Chair, Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History
  • Gerald Gray, Senior Vice President of Programs, American Forests
  • Klaus Kleinfeld, Chairman and CEO, Alcoa
  • Christopher Raxworthy, Associate Curator of Herpetology, American Museum of Natural History