In 2012, we contributed $21.5 million to nonprofits around the world.

Community Giving 


Applying Alcoa’s values to sustain our communities and our world.

Six decades ago, Alcoa’s leaders established and endowed a nonprofit entity - the Alcoa Foundation – to extend the company’s values to benefit the communities where we operate. Long before “sustainability” or “corporate social responsibility” became part of the business vernacular, Alcoa and all Alcoa employees understood the value of earning a social license to operate. 


In 2012, we achieved these milestones in support of the sustainability of our communities and our planet:

  • Contributed $21.5 million to nonprofits around the world.
  • Dedicated $4.5 million towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and Workforce Development initiatives that reached 200,000 students and teachers.
  • Achieved a record 60% participation – 36,000 Alcoa volunteers in 24 countries – during Alcoa’s month of service in 1,050 events that helped more than 450,000 people. 
  • Supported more than 12,000 Alcoans in small group ACTION volunteerism events that they organized for smaller community-based organizations.
  • Launched Alcoans in Motion to provide funds for groups of Alcoans to participate in physical activities for charity.  Reflecting Alcoa’s renewed commitment to wellness, 2,500 Alcoans participated in 87 events in 16 countries.
  • Focused more than $9 million towards environmental programs that will recycle more than 3.1 million pounds of aluminum, replenish communities with more than one million trees and identify ways for individuals to reduce their environmental footprint by using less water and energy.


Alcoa and Alcoa Foundation Combined Community Giving

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Alcoa and Alcoa Foundation
Combined Community Giving by Region

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Disaster relief assessment and grant amounts

Alcoa Foundation and the 60,000 Alcoa employees around the globe are passionate about helping our communities and neighbors in times of need. In the unfortunate case of a disaster near an Alcoa facility, Alcoa Foundation consults with Alcoa locations to determine the magnitude of the disaster and calculates the grant amount based on a formal assessment.


Our guiding principles:

  • Prepared – Anticipate needs, connect with locations and establish relationships with disaster relief nonprofits and agencies that can provide information
  • Effective – Provide financial assistance, volunteer time, and offer in-kind product to the nonprofit organization that can deliver the right level of service quickly.
  • Diligent – Vet nonprofit partners to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.


To determine the Foundation’s level of support, we will consider the following:

  • Area Affected – How large is the affected area?
  • Required Assistance – What organized relief is needed?
  • Time Period for Assistance – How much time do we have to provide relief? How long will it take to reach those in need?
  • Impact on Alcoa Employees – How are Alcoa employees affected?
  • Impact on Victims – How are victims impacted? How many?
  • Impact on Business – How affected are Alcoa operations?
  • Precedence – What support has been committed to disasters in the past?