Rosa Garcia Pineiro

Director, Regional Affairs and Sustainability, Europe


Rosa Garcia is Director of Regional Affairs and Sustainability for Europe. Most recently, she served as Director Environment, Health, Safety (EHS) and Sustainability for the European Region and previously Director EHS for the Global Primary Products business in Europe. Rosa joined Alcoa in 1999 to work as an Environmental Engineer for the San Ciprian Smelter and Refinery in Spain. In 2001, she moved to the Corporate EHS Audit Department, working with the North American and European Audit Teams first in Pittsburgh and then in Madrid. In 2003, she moved back to San Ciprian to take over the Environmental Department as Environmental Manager for the Smelter and the Refinery.
In January 2005, Rosa took the position of EHS Manager for Primary Products Europe, achieving excellent results in all three areas: Environment, Health and Safety. Rosa is working closely with the businesses, to articulate their long term EHS strategy and support the sustainability of Alcoa’s operations in the European Region, with focus on Pan-European coordination of EHS initiatives, such as REACH (Regulation on the safe use of chemicals); Alcoa's sustainability representation in the European Aluminum Association, Eurometaux and other associations of interest; the coordination of Alcoa's regional sustainability efforts including the interaction with NGOs; and the support to commercial organizations and market sectors in responding to customers’ sustainability related concerns.
Rosa was recently appointed Director of Regional Affairs and Sustainability, a new function coordinating and overseeing specific country and sustainability activities across Europe. In this function, Rosa has direct responsibility for coordinating the work of the country managers together with the country organizations across the region. She also is responsible for addressing sustainability opportunities and challenges.
Rosa is a member of the European Lead -Team as well as the European Council, the Europe Government Affairs Lead Team, a member of the Alcoa Foundation Board of Directors and a member of the Alcoa Woman Network Global Steering Team and in addition, heading the Alcoa’s Women Network (AWN) for Europe. Of Spanish
nationality, Rosa speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese and is fluent in French. She is holder of a masters degree in Industrial Engineering from University of Vigo (Spain), a masters degree in Environmental Engineering from Escuela de Organización Industrial (Madrid) and an Executive MBA of the University of Geneva.
Rosa is married with residence in both Spain and Switzerland.