Want To Join Our Team?
We seek highly motivated individuals who can help Alcoa succeed, today and in the future. While each position requires specific skills, in general we look for candidates who:
  • Demonstrate strong leadership
  • Approach problem solving creatively
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Apply strong analytical skills
  • Collaborate in a team environment
  • Focus on the customer
  • Take initiative in meeting business needs

Does that sound like you? If the answer is yes, search for job openings in:
Alcoa is an equal opportunity employer. In keeping with our values, employment is subject to full background and reference checks, physical examination, and drug testing.

A Liberating Innovation
Alcoa President and COO Klaus Kleinfeld was first introduced to aluminum's extraordinary potential by his father, a European aerospace engineer. Today, that memory inspires him regarding Alcoa's opportunities. Hear it in Klaus' words. go