What we do


Molly McGovern, MCS Project Director, introduces the MCS organization

Management Consulting and Strategy (MCS) supports Alcoa’s leadership, businesses, and resource units worldwide to drive profitable growth and operational excellence.

We work closely with our clients, from problem definition to strategy development to implementation. With deep functional and industry knowledge, we help our clients identify new growth opportunities, turn around unprofitable businesses, and transform organizations.



Who we are


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MCS Services

Business Strategy
  • Market sizing, opportunity assessment, and entry strategy
  • Footprint strategy
  • CAPEX strategy
  • Macro/mega-trend analysis
  • Corporate Development
  • New technology introduction
Business Case Development
  • New business ventures
  • Capacity expansion
  • Site analysis
  • Asset closure / curtailment
  • Operational improvement
Complexity Management
  • Commercial complexity analysis
  • Supply chain complexity
  • Operations complexity analysis
Post Merger Integration
  • Synergy identification, structuring and realization
  • Integration and execution frameworks by function
  • Program management / PMO Productivity
  • Overhead cost reduction
  • Working capital reduction
  • Competitor analysis, including commercial, operational, and accounting aspects
  • Internal, competitor, and best-of-best benchmarking
Organization Design
  • Operating model design (centralization vs. decentralization, outsourcing vs. in-sourcing, management processes)
  • Organization structure design and diagnostics




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MCS Training & Development

MCS training and development opportunities include:
  • Rigorous onboarding program that combines classroom training and one-on-one meetings
  • Multi-day "Consulting Fundamentals" workshop that covers problem solving and communication
  • Bi-annual team development events
  • Additional recurring and ad hoc training opportunities, ranging from formal classroom sessions to informal "lunch and learns"
  • In addition, MCSers have the opportunity to attend Leadership Fundamentals Program (LFP) and Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) -- highly selective, week-long off-site experiences for company top talent with attendance by the CEO and a range of business leaders

Thatcher Montgomery, MCS Project Director, explains MCS’s approach to Learning and Development

Alcoa Development Programs

  • Leadership Fundamentals Program (LFP) and Advanced Leadership Program (ALP) are full week off-site experiences featuring CEO and a range of business leaders
  • While less than 50 employees are selected for these across the company, MCS has routinely sent consultants to LFP and project managers/directors to ALP

MCS Career Development

MCS team members have unique exposure to corporate strategy and business decision-making at the senior management level. In addition, you will get a chance to work with smart, driven, and fun colleagues with a variety of professional and personal backgrounds. These experiences provide access to significant personal learning and development opportunities.

Carolyn Bryson, MCS alumnus, explains how her experience with MCS led to her current role




Level and
Typical Tenure
Entry Lead
Analyst(2-3 years)
  • Research and analysis (typically quantitative) around specifically-scoped problems
  • Preparation of discrete outputs to communicate key findings and conclusions
  • Participate in MCS institution-building efforts / process teams
Senior Analyst(2-3 years)*
  • Ownership of more broadly-defined problems, with more complex analysis
  • Ownership of discrete sections of deliverables
  • Expanded client-facing role, including informal management of client working team
  • Participate in MCS institution-building efforts / process teams
Consultant(2-3 years)
  • Full ownership of modestly scoped individual workstream - structure work, plan and execute analysis, own relevant deliverables / report sections
  • Manage client staff associated with own workstream
  • Participate in MCS institution-building efforts / process teams
  • Full ownership of substantial workstream or a narrowly-scoped project
  • Management of small MCS team or mixed MCS / client team
  • Start to play visible influencing role on project outcome
  • Make meaningful contributions to MCS institution-building efforts / process teams
Project Manager(2-4 years)
  • Full ownership and accountability for more substantial project or workstream
  • Manage larger MCS / client team
  • Develop and fully own relationships with key clients
  • Serve as manager of MCS analysts outside of project work
  • Begin to play lead role on MCS internal process teams
  • Manage large project / program or couple of smaller projects
  • Manage larger mixed MCS-client team
  • Play influencing role with more senior clients
  • Start to develop personal brand / "major" in specific content area(s) and as a leader in the group outside of project work
Project Director(Varies)
  • Guide multiple projects simultaneously by providing both thought and process leadership
  • Manage and play strong influencing role with senior clients
  • Demonstrate clear personal brand / "major" in specific content area(s)
  • Generate project work for the group
  • Provide senior sponsorship of MCS internal process teams
Senior Director(Varies)
  • Drive substantial thought leadership on critical engagements
  • Generate significant portfolio of work for the group
  • Mentor Lead Team
  • Influence C-level clients as trusted advisor
  • Initiate and execute substantial institutional contributions and new capability development for MCS
*Exceptional candidates can be promoted to Consultant without an MBA given strong performance and sufficiently broad project experience