Alcoa Diversity & Inclusion Council


Alcoa launched the Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Council to expand its commitment to diversity and inclusion.  The Alcoa D&I Council consists of the Alcoa CFO, two Group Presidents, the Vice Presidents of Human Resources and Communications, the Chief Diversity Officer and the heads of three Alcoa affinity groups. Meeting every quarter, the Council oversees all Alcoa initiatives to improve diversity and inclusion.


Alcoa Affinity Groups 


Our ability to maintain and strengthen our competitive edge requires a diverse workforce that can offer a wide range of perspectives. Through our diversity efforts, we provide a supportive and inclusive environment where all individuals — regardless of age, gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or other classification or characteristic — can maximize their full potential.


Our Affinity Groups are an important part of the Company's diversity strategy because they serve as a forum to share ideas, concerns and successes, and provide opportunities for professional development.


Alcoa Women’s Network (AWN)
Since its founding in 2003, Alcoa Women’s Network (AWN) has been a catalyst for the development and advancement of women leaders throughout the company. AWN works to help improve the recruitment, retention, and promotion of these leaders within Alcoa.


Alcoa African Heritage Network (AAHN)
Alcoa African Heritage Network (AAHN) was established in 2004. The Network is designed to provide connectivity among people of African Heritage within Alcoa. This is achieved through a set of structured initiatives e.g., networking, individual development, and providing mentoring opportunities for our members.  This supports the creation of an environment where our members are empowered to reach their full potential, and maximize their contribution to Alcoa’s long-term success.


Employees at Alcoa for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Equality (EAGLE)
Launched in 2007, EAGLE is an active network of Alcoa gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered (GLBT) employees, as well as other Alcoa employees—known as EAGLE Allies—who support their concerns. The group’s goals are to create a safe and affirming work environment where all employees are empowered to reach their full human and career potential.


Other location-based employee networks include:
African American Committee,
East Asian Alcoan Association, Alcoa Technical Center
Hispanics Actively Building Levels of Opportunity (HABLO)
New Professionals Network
Alcoa Military Member Group
Support & Development Association


Talent Acquisition


Alcoa actively recruits a diverse pool of employees whose varied experiences and strengths broaden our outlook and enhance our operations.


We partner with professional organizations, colleges/universities and enlist the help and support of all of our affinity groups to attract top talent. We have long-standing relationships with the National Society of Black Engineers and Reach Out MBA.


Diversity & Inclusion Training


Diversity and inclusion are critical components of effective leadership. As a result, we require our managers to participate in diversity and inclusion training programs. Managers learn to identify and understand the skills they need to build inclusive, high-performing teams.


Work-Life Balance


Balancing work and personal life is important. Many of our locations offer flexible work arrangements and programs to help people meet personal or family needs.


Community Commitment


At Alcoa, sustainability is an integral part of our culture and our core strategy. Alcoa Foundation invests where Alcoa has a presence to further sustainability and to partner with communities in addressing local needs as they adapt to a rapidly changing world.


We believe that as a mining, manufacturing, and innovation company, Alcoa can both contribute to and make a positive difference in sustainability to the benefit of our many stakeholders. All of our funding decisions and engagement priorities are guided by two key themes:


Environment: Bringing about measurable and systemic improvements in environmental sustainability through best practices in environmental management and pioneering solutions.

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Education: Supporting education and training where Alcoa can offer expertise and make a difference in manufacturing, the environment, and safety.

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