Our commitment starts at the top 


Klaus Kleinfeld, Chairman of the Board and CEO
“Talent is the ultimate sustainable advantage. To get the best talent, you must have diversity of thought, experience, skills and background.” 


- Klaus Kleinfeld  Chairman of the Board and CEO


Alcoa is a stronger, more competitive company because we make inclusion through diversity a priority.  We encourage our employees to bring their own cultural and intellectual perspectives to the table, and have built meaningful goals into our operations, compensation, and human resource systems to drive progress toward this goal.


Our culturally sensitive outreach has established Alcoa as “The Company of the Community” in neighborhoods that reflect the changing face of the world. It’s little wonder that we consider our commitment to diversity to be a fundamental strategic strength.


We are proud that Alcoa was chosen in 2013 for the coveted Catalyst award, which is given each year to only three companies worldwide who are deemed best-in-class for providing opportunities to women in the workplace. Alcoa was recognized for breaking down barriers for women in a male-dominated industry and for achieving greater gender representation through an aggressive diversity agenda.  This award validates our efforts and motivates us to continue building an inclusive work environment.  We want our businesses to benefit fully from the leadership and engagement of women and people of color and we want to become a role model for other “hard hat” companies.


Diversity: Our competitive advantage 


Alcoa’s success depends on our ability to create innovative solutions that exceed our customers’ goals.  We achieve this by leveraging the diversity of thought, experience and skills within our organization.  Our goal is to become the premier destination for the best talent to build successful careers. We have a three-part strategy focused on creating an outstanding Alcoan experience, where each individual can contribute his or her best work in a welcoming, vibrant environment.



Diversity of Talent Attract, develop, and retain talented and committed people with diverse backgrounds and experiences.


Inclusive Workplace Achieve a high-performing culture by ensuring that all employees worldwide are respected, included, and encouraged to realize their greatest potential.


Innovation Foster innovation by leveraging the diverse perspectives and skills of employees across Alcoa.


2015 Fortune World’s Most Admired award
Alcoa has been named the most admired metals company in the world. Alcoa has been a member of the "Most Admired" list since Fortune began the annual ranking 32 years ago.

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Human Rights Campaign
For the sixth year in a row, Alcoa has been recognized as a best place to work for LGBT community, and has maintained a 100 rating from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index.

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2013 Catalyst Award
Alcoa is the recipient of this prestigious annual award, which honors exceptional initiatives that expand opportunities for women and business.

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Rise of Women in Manufacturing

Women represent half the total U.S. labor force, but just one-fourth of the manufacturing workforce. How is this possible? In Forbes Woman, Alcoa HR Vice President Natalie Schilling weighs in on the importance of attracting women to manufacturing jobs.

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