GRP Aquiring Talent Program
GRP Acquiring Talent Program
Frequently Ask Questions - Candidate/Employee

What businesses make up GRP? The Global Rolled Products, (GRP) group is made up of Alcoa’s rolling operations around the world. GRP is Alcoa’s most global group with manufacturing and commercial sites in North America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia, Australia, and Russia.
What is the Acquiring Talent Program? GRP’s Acquiring Talent Program is designed to identify high-potential leaders who have strong biases toward action, the execution of business results, and achieving results. It is also designed to ensure the long-term success of our business by deliberately dedicating resources to developing Alcoa’s future leaders.
What are the minimum qualifications to be considered for the program?
  • Bachelors degree in relevant field (advanced degree desirable)
  • Must be open to global transfer
  • Minimum job grade 16 (for internal candidates)
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience
  • Ability to communicate effectively in the English language in written and verbal form
What positions are available? Positions are determined from the GRP’s Strategic Workforce Plan (SWFP), which is an analysis of critical positions as determined by the GRP Lead Team. Positions include but are not limited to roles in the functional areas of Engineering, Operations Management, Alcoa Business System (ABS), Finance, and Human Resources.
How do I apply for a position in the program? Openings in the program, as well as application instructions, are posted on a dedicated page on Alcoa’s website: For internal candidates, please remember that prior to applying you should have a discussion with your current manager and your local human resources manager. Internal candidates will not be contacted until we have made the appropriate contacts with your local management.
What is the selection process for positions in the program? Once it is determined that a candidate meets the minimum eligibility requirements, the standard assessment consists of a comprehensive analysis of each applicant’s responses in a career achievement profile, interview results, relevant work experience, and ability to be globally mobile.
What are the benefits of participating in the program? These high-powered developmental assignments will position “graduates” of the program to be successful in critical roles within GRP, and will provide a unique, rewarding career experience.
Will I have the opportunity to relocate? Global mobility is a important aspect of this program. Because GRP is a global business, we expect our leaders to embrace the opportunity to accept assignments abroad to understand the cultures, communities, and environment in which our operations reside.
What happens when I’ve completed my time in the program? Each successful candidate entering the program is presented with a “road map” that outlines his/her various assignments in the program. The final assignment will be the member’s “target position.” At this point and where applicable, the member is transitioned back into the existing Alcoa procedures and policies for job transfer and eligibility.
What is the compensation structure for the program? Alcoa provides a competitive total rewards package consisting of base salary, variable pay and benefits, as well as key recognition awards and programs.
The purpose of this program is to grow individuals into jobs of increased accountability and commensurate rewards. Internal candidates entering the program will, at a minimum, remain at their current job grade; external candidates will be assigned a job grade based on their skills and experience, with appropriate compensation. For all candidates, future salary increases will be awarded based on job performance in the assignment. Upon acceptance into the program, applicants will receive detailed information on Transfer and Relocation processes specific to this program.
Will I participate in Alcoa’s standard Performance Management process? Members of this program will participate in Alcoa’s standard Performance Management process as well as supplemental, accelerated performance management with the purpose of expediting the individual’s leadership development and growth.
Is this program only for those select few people that will get all the top assignments? The program is not designed to develop a select group of candidates (“a chosen few”) for all key positions. Traditional career paths will continue to be a critical component of our overall Talent Management and Succession Planning Process.
For internal candidates, what job grade is needed to be eligible? Internal candidates must currently be a job grade 16 or higher. The program is designed to acquire, develop, and retain employees that have the capability of achieving a leadership-level position.