Alcoa to Supply Huck® U-Spin™ Fasteners for Volvo Air Ride Suspensions

Waco, Texas -- Alcoa Fastenings Systems has announced that Huck® brand U-Spin™ fasteners -- installed via a computer-controlled swaging process that produces a vibration-proof, maintenance-free clamp group – are the standard fasteners for the proprietary Volvo air suspensions installed on Volvo Trucks North America, Inc.’s tandem-axle Class 8 trucks. The U-Spin fasteners became standard for Volvo in the first quarter of 2005.

Volvo is the first and only manufacturer to offer these “locking U-bolts” to truck customers. Derived from Huck-Spin® fasteners, which have become synonymous with premium frame construction for Class 8 vehicles, U-Spin fasteners feature swaged-on collars that can’t work loose. The swaging process forces the collar material into the bolt threads to form a permanent clamp that never needs re-tightening, even in severe service. For a large fleet, the U-Spin’s elimination of periodic U-bolt maintenance can provide significant savings in vehicle downtime and labor costs.
From a truck (or trailer) manufacturer’s perspective, U-Spin fasteners offer improved performance  and customer satisfaction. Precise, computer-controlled installation -- of two U-Spins at a time, if desired -- can speed up assembly while simultaneously ensuring accuracy and consistency impossible to obtain with a torque wrench. The computerized installation tool even provides pre-set spread locations to accommodate a variety of bolting patterns.
Alcoa Fastening Systems, a business unit of Alcoa, is a leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of fastening systems, specialty fasteners, components, and installation tooling for the aerospace, automotive, truck transportation, railroad, ship-building, heavy equipment, construction, and light-manufacturing industries. It has 5,500 employees and 26 production facilities in seven countries.
Alcoa is the world’s leading producer of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum, and alumina, and is active in all major aspects of the industry. In addition to aluminum products and components for commercial applications, Alcoa markets consumer brands including Reynolds Wrap® foils and plastic wraps, Alcoa® wheels, and Baco® household wraps. Among its other businesses are vinyl siding, closures, precision castings, fastening systems, and electrical distribution systems for cars and trucks. The company has 127,000 employees in 41 countries.

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