French trailer company benefits from using Huck Fasteners

A manufacturing business based in Northern France has saved production time using fasteners developed by a UK engineering company. J.M. Thuillet, based at Arsy in the Picardie region, manufacture canvas curtains for the Heavy Goods Vehicle new and second hand trailer market.

Huck Fasteners Ltd engineer high-quality, high-performance fastening systems for a variety of applications but predominantly in the auto, truck, trailer, rail and construction markets. Although based in Telford they have a dedicated commercial sales team and well-established distribution network throughout France and the rest of Europe.
Sebastian Thuillet, Managing Director at J.M. Thuillet, said: "When we first started we used screws and bolts to attach the buckles to the curtain material. However, after a visit from Volma (a Huck distributor) we switched to using a wide flanged collar version of the Magna Grip fastener. Adopting this new solution meant we had to update and upgrade our machinery, which didn't present any problems as it was something that needed to be done. The new system using fasteners has saved time and made production a lot easier. Our relationship with Volma and Huck is also very good - they respond quickly and efficiently to any requests I make. The final product is tamper proof as well. Previously, where the buckle was attached to the curtain with screws and nuts, it could be undone and resealed without detection. Using the fastener system now makes this impossible."
Eric Didier, Huck's Customer Manager for France, said: "J.M. Thuillet are a good example of how the application of Huck's products and tooling can help to make an operation more efficient. In addition, a feature identifying potential sabotage is clearly a benefit that can passed on to their customers."

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Sebastian Thuillet, Managing Director J.M. Thuillet, demonstrates the use of Huck fasteners and tooling for producing trailer curtains.