Huck introduces new product - HuckLok

A Shropshire manufacturing company launch a new product throughout the UK and Europe in April, which through increased quality and reduced costs, is set to revolutionise the industries they and their distributors supply.

HuckLok is the latest innovation from Telford based Huck Fasteners Ltd, who engineer high-quality, high-performance fastening systems for a variety of applications predominantly in the trailer, commercial vehicle body builder, railcar, truck and auto markets.
Ideally used in thin sheet metal applications, HuckLok will initially be available in steel with stainless steel and aluminium versions to follow. Whilst competitively priced, the benefits of HuckLok to potential and existing customers are numerous.
Allan Binstead, European Commercial Director at Huck, explains: "For an engineer designing any sort of industrial structure, for example, the HuckLok is a first. Its large grip range coupled with a very high clamp force and a unique double locking system, results in maximum joint integrity and fatigue life.
" In the areas of logistics, purchasing, quality and on the shop floor, there are a number of benefits. Ease of fastener identification may reduce potential mistakes and through increased safety lead to a reduction in warranty claims. HuckLok's strength and the potential to replace up to fifteen fasteners used in a range of jobs with just one, allows operators to make their product faster."