AFS Contributes to Building Sweden's Future Homes

A UK manufacturing company has provided a first and unique fastening solution for the Scandinavian construction industry and in particular Sweden’s leading house builder.

Open House, part of Norwegian real estate developer the OBOS Group, use a patented concept of modular multi-storey technology, where each of the building’s shells are manufactured off-site, then delivered and assembled based on the buyer’s design requirements. Located in Arlov, the company’s current project is 1500 apartments including a hotel, medical centre, kinder garden and open parkland in Annestad, near Malmo. It is Sweden’s biggest housing project and due for completion at the end of 2005.
Alcoa Fastening Systems Ltd (AFS), with Huck® fasteners as their primary brand, engineer high-quality, high-performance fastening systems serving a variety of applications predominantly in the truck, trailer, commercial vehicle body builder, auto and railcar markets. Although based in the UK they have a dedicated commercial sales team and well established distribution network throughout Sweden and Scandinavia, represented in this instance by Bufab Danielson and Stickler AB.
Searching for an alternative to nut and bolt construction that was quicker to install but equally as strong, Open House project manger at Annestad, Ulf Lyddby asked Ingenjorsdata’s engineering design consultant Stefan Brandt for advice. Mr Brandt, who had previous experience of using Huck fasteners in railway carriage and bogey manufacture, applied the same utilisation factor testing for tension, sheer and torsion through his company’s especially designed computer programme. After confirming the design proposal complied with Sweden’s strict steel usage regulations, and with technical support from AFS he eventually recommended using the Huck BOM (Blind Oversize Mechanical) fastener.
Mr Lyddby, commenting on the application, said: “From using the Huck BOM fastener, as opposed to nuts and bolts, we have not only reduced installation time by 50%, but each joint is quality guaranteed to be secure, strong and does not need to be retightened. In addition, we only need to use half the number of fasteners in particular areas of the construction and the increased strength allows for higher load bearing capability.”
Anders Fredland, AFS customer manager for Scandinavia said: “The application with Open House highlights the versatility of our fastening systems. It is also good to know that we are part of an exciting and bold approach to fulfilling the needs of people who require affordable housing, built to the highest quality and safety standards.”

Alcoa Fastening Systems

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Installation of the BOM blind fastener, using a HK 432 powerig.

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(left to right): Anders Fredland, customer manager, AFS; Ulf Lyddby, project manager, Open House; Hans Holmgren, sales and marketing manager and Gunnar Sjölund, sales engineer, Dufab Danielson & Stickler AB, AFS distributor; Stefan Brandt, consultant, Ingenjorsdata AB.