Alcoa Fastening Systems Makes Its Paris Air Show Debut

Alcoa Aerospace’s participation in the 2003 Paris Air Show marks the first appearance of its Alcoa Fastening Systems business at a major international aerospace event.

This new business brings together the capabilities of Huck Fasteners (which joined Alcoa in 2000 with the acquisition of Cordant) and Fairchild Fasteners (acquired last December). As a result, Alcoa has become the world leader in aviation fastening systems.
“The Paris Air Show is providing an excellent opportunity for us to underscore the new strengths of Alcoa in the fastener market,” explained Olivier Jarrault, the President of Alcoa Fastening Systems. “Our goal is to become recognized as the industry’s global leader in the on-time, cost-effective supply of fastening systems and technical and logistics solutions with zero defects.”
With manufacturing facilities at 26 locations across seven countries, Alcoa Fastening Systems supplies a complete range of products from bolts, pins, nuts, screws and latches to installation tools.
A modern airliner uses large quantities of fasteners throughout the aircraft. On Airbus’ new A380, more than 1 million Alcoa fasteners will be installed in the 555-seat superjumbo’s fuselage, wings, tail and engines.
Alcoa Fastening Systems’ largest market segment is the aerospace/aviation business, representing 70 percent of its sales (based on 2002 combined revenue).
Its 6,000 employees are located at manufacturing facilities in Australia, France, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, the United Kingdom and the U.S. The business unit’s headquarters are in Torrance, California.
Jarrault said combining Huck Fasteners and Fairchild Fasteners into the new Alcoa business unit brings together the strengths of two industry leaders that are recognized for product excellence and innovation. Huck developed the aluminum blind rivet for U.S. military aircraft during the 1940s, followed by the revolutionary Huckbolt fastener. Fairchild Fasteners was established in 1987 and evolved into a global leader in the design and manufacture of fastening systems for engine, airframe and equipment applications in both military and commercial aerospace markets.
With the acquisition of the two companies, Alcoa significantly increased its aerospace business portfolio and advanced its strategic goal to become a provider of advanced fastening solutions for the global industry.
“Huck and Fairchild Fasteners are two very complementary companies, and their combined strengths are being further enhanced under the Alcoa management,” Claude Lurati, President of the European operations for Alcoa Fastening Systems, said. “We already are seeing significant improvements in quality performance, on-time deliveries, productivity and logistics.”

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