Torrance Operations Achieves Three Million Hour Milestone

The Alcoa Fastening Systems facility located in Torrance, California achieved a milestone in May by reaching 3 million hours without an Alcoa lost workday.

This accomplishment is affirmation to the commitment of the Torrance team members to providing and living safe work practices.  There has been a lot of hard work and dedication to meet this objective.  Not only is one of our objectives to continue to set new records for this site in LWD, but to eliminate injuries all together.  The practice of accepting only excellence is a trait diligently pursued by all that work in AFS.  Further evidence is in the year-on-year reduction in TRR and first aid incidents.  

The Torrance team is already planning for the next milestone and is focused on continuing to improve their operations.  The 3 million hour milestone is being celebrated with an employee lunch and an Alcoa auto safety kit.  Congratulations to the Torrance team.