Installation Sequence


Step 1

LHP fasteners are typically intended for composite materials and generally in clearance fit holes.
The LHP fastener is inserted into the prepared hole and the Collar with the flanged base toward sheet is then places over the fastener pintail.

Step 2

The Huck installation tool with nose assembly is placed onto the fastener. The gripper jaws in the tool engage the pintail of the fastener. When the tool is actuated the pin is pulled against the push of the collar push on the collar. This action seats the head of the fastener and begins swaging the collar.

Step 3

Continued swaging of the collar forces the collar material into the pin locking grooves creating an extrusion action that stretches the collar. This resulting in a corresponding stretch of the pin. This precise lengthening of the pin and collar is what causes the high consistent clamp-up of the LGP Lockbolt system.

Step 4

When collar swaging is complete, the tool continues to pull until the pin separates in tension (at a pre-determined force) at the break neck groove. The tool trigger is then released and the nose assembly with tool is pushed off the installed fastener, completing the installation cycle.