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Engineering Standards

AL10/108 Protruding Shear Head

AL11/109 100° Flush Shear Head

AL 10/108 (WD) Protruding Head

AL12 Tension Protruding Head

AL13 Tension 100° Flush Head

AL315 130° Crown Shear Head

AL315 (WD) 130° Crown Shear Head

AL331 100° Flush Close Tolerance Shear Head

AL720 Tension Protruding Head (108KSI Alloy Steel)

AL755 100° Flush Intermediate Shear Head

AL756  Tension Protruding Head

AL803 100° Flush Intermediate Head (108KSI Alloy Steel)

Note: (WD) after part number indicated special lap free machined head surface.

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