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Identification and Installation Inspection

HUCK-CLINCH® blind rivets carry the following identification head markings:
The special "H" as manufacturers identification symbol
Material code symbol
Aluminum rivets with alloy steel spindle has no markings.
Aluminum rivets with CRES spindle has a "+" symbol
Grip identification number.
grip range is nominal +0 / -.063"
Example: -04 grip range is .250" to .187"

Grip Thickness Measurements using Huck Grip Gage

Installation Inspection
The position of the spindle break and lock position provides important information about the quality of the installation Spindle limits are shown in table below.


"A" Dimension Pin Above Rivet Head

"B" Dimension Pin Below Rivet Head

1/8  -4
- .015"
5/32 -5
- .020"
3/16 -6
- .020"
Lock Ring is not visible, it is an internal, "Solid Circle Lock"
No lock ring is visible at the rivet head. Spindle flushness indicates proper lock formation.

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