September 2, 2008

Alcoa Fastening Systems Develops Non-Impact Swage Tool for Fasteners

Torrance, California…. Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) has developed a pneumatic non-impact swage tool for their line of Slimsert™ insert which reduces installation time, better protects the locking feature of the fastener, and provides significant noise reduction.

Regardless of the material in which the Slimsert™ insert is being installed, this new tool offers a quick and reliable alternative to existing installation methods for internal thread sizes ranging from 10-32 to 3/8-24 (Unified) and MJ5 x 0.8 to MJ10 x 1.25 (Metric). 

Instead of the traditional installation method with manual swage tool and arbor press or hammer that use the insert’s internal thread as a means of drawing a swage mandrel into the insert, AFS’s new unique tool design utilizes a tapered wedge to expand the nose of the collet. It presses radially against the insert’s internal counterbore, forcing the external knurl into the parent material and locking it into place. This eliminates any contact with the insert’s internal threads and therefore prevents potential damage to its internal thread locking feature. Additionally, the new tool speeds up the installation process, therefore enabling a technician to install a greater number Slimsert™ inserts in far less time. One of the biggest advantages of this tool is the significant noise reduction, as a result of the method of swaging.
Alcoa Fastening Systems, a business unit of Alcoa, is a leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of fastening systems including specialty fasteners, fluid fittings, assembly components, and installation systems for aerospace and commercial applications. Headquartered in Torrance, California, the company has 6,900 employees, and manufactures at 21 locations in 9 countries.  AFS also operates 7 worldwide distribution/logistics centers providing value-added services.

For more information about Alcoa Fastening Systems, visit For information about its complete line of Aerospace Products, please contact Ms. Anne Brown, Manager, Global Marketing Communications, Tel: 1 714 449 4374; Fax: 1714 278 8726; e-mail:

The Non-Impact Swage Tool

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The Non-Impact Swage Tool