June 3, 2009

Alcoa Fastening Systems announces further expansion in Casablanca, Morocco

Torrance, CA… Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) announced today that it is continuing its global inorganic growth strategy by completing the acquisition of business assets from Demicron SNC and the creation of Alcoa Fixations Maroc.  Demicron SNC has established a solid reputation within the European aerospace industry as a quality manufacturer of precision specialty machined aerospace parts, complex progressive dies, forging and stamping tools; and has been a reliable partner to AFS for more than two years.

“The creation of Alcoa Fixations Maroc and acquisition of business assets from Demicron SNC present unique opportunities in support of our AFS European aerospace growth initiatives by providing AFS a strong platform for rapid expansion of our presence in the European specialty machined aerospace parts segment”, said Olivier Jarrault, President of Alcoa Fastening Systems.  “It also provides ready access to available and experienced manufacturing capacity, in close proximity to our Western Europe aerospace operations, that will benefit AFS and our customers through improved affordability and capacity, in support of the Airbus A 350 launch and as the markets turn around.”   
AFS expects to successfully integrate this new venture by year end, and will continue to look for similar synergistic opportunities that bring value to its long-term manufacturing vision.
Alcoa Fastening Systems, a business unit of Alcoa, is a leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of specialty fasteners, nut and frangible collar systems, fluid fittings, assembly components and installation tools for aerospace and commercial applications.  Headquartered in Torrance, California, the company has more than 6,000 employees, and manufactures at 21 locations in 9 countries. AFS also operates 7 worldwide distribution/logistics centers providing value-added services.
For more information about Alcoa Fastening Systems and its aerospace products, please contact Ms. Anne Brown, Communications Manager, Tel: 1 714 449 4374; Fax: 1714 278 8726; e-mail: anne.brown@alcoa.com Or visit: www.alcoafasteners.com.