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Double Action Installation for 5/32" & 3/16" Diameter

The "-" Code blind bolts in 5/32 & 3/16 diameter are double action installation fasteners that are installed with a installation tool that has the capability to be set at a selected shift pressure to insert the lock collar. "-"
Code Blind Bolts are identified with a - (dash) in the Huck and Military part numbers. "-"
Code Blind Bolts are available in Alloy Steel & A286 CRES in 5/32" and 3/16 inch diameters only. These fastener are commonly refereed to as, "Flagable". "-"
Code blind bolts are also used on 1/4" and larger as single action fasteners.

1. The fastener is inserted into a prepared hole of the proper thickness. The installation tool is placed over the exposed spindle and bears on the head of the fastener. The tool is actuated to begin the pulling action.

2. When the head of the spindle comes in contact with the end of the sleeve the blind head is begins to form by a bulbing action of the sleeve.

3. Continued pull of the spindle forms the bulbed blind head against the blind side material. When the spindle stop comes in contact with the sleeve counterbore the load builds up to signal the installation tool to shift driving the lock into the aligned spindle-sleeve cavities.

4. As the spindle load continues to build up the spindle separates leaving the installed fastener. The installation is complete and with a flush surface that often does not need shaving for aerodynamic surfaces.

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