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Title: The Effect of Machining–Induced Micro Texture on Lightning Current Arcing between Fasteners and Composite Structure
Technology: Manufacturing systems & technology,Surface technology,Aerospace design,Fastening Systems
Year: 2009
Abstract: Drilling fastener holes in composite is much more difficult than in aluminum or other metallic mater...
Title: A New Generation Cordless Electric Tooling
Technology: Aerospace design,Automotive design,Fastening Systems
Year: 2009
Abstract: Following the trend in automotive manufacturing, electric cordless tooling platforms are gradually b...
Title: Evaluation of Alternatives to Electrodeposited Cadmium for Threaded Fasteners Applications
Technology: Manufacturing systems & technology,Surface technology,Fastening Systems
Year: 2009
Abstract: Since 2005, Alcoa Fastening Systems (AFS) and Lockheed Martin have been partnering to identify a Cad...

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