Superalloy and Titanium Investment Castings




Alcoa Howmet is a global leader in airfoil and structural investment castings. Our products provide longer engine life and increased efficiency.

We cast high-strength nickel and cobalt superalloys that withstand hostile engine environments. Alcoa Howmet has developed and implemented advanced manufacturing methods to consistently produce single-crystal grain structures resulting in the strongest, high-temperature engine components possible. Additionally, our advanced coatings improve longevity and create the most durable engine components available today.

Typical Applications

  • Aero engine airfoils (single crystal, directionally solidified and equiax)
  • Aero engine components (rotors, stators, vane rings, manifolds, gear boxes)
  • Airframe structures and structural components (yokes, nose caps)


  • Complex castings
  • Hot isostatic pressing
  • Airfoil machining
  • Specialty coatings
  • Thin-wall casting
  • Castings diameter up to 62

Why Alcoa

  • Integrated design-to-delivery services offer significant weight and cycle-time savings in configurations that alternative manufacturing methods cannot match
  • World leader in single-crystal castings
  • Co-engineering capability
  • Customers typically experience cost savings exceeding 50 percent with Alcoa’s monolithic castings
  • Vacuum arc remelting (VAR) and induction skull remelting (ISR) casting methods eliminate titanium contamination


  • F-15
  • F-18
  • C-17 
  • M777 
  • F-35
  • Boeing 737
  • M1 Abrams tank

Who we work with

  • Subsystem suppliers, OEMs, Primes, Army, Navy, Marines, Congress, DoD


M777 Howitzer




Superalloy and Titanium Investment Castings