Alcoa Transportation Products (ATP) integrates world-class alloy and process knowledge with design expertise to deliver advances solutions ranging from highly engineered extrusions to full-vehicle lightweight structural frames. 

ATP supports customers from concept development through design, prototyping, testing, and production.


Typical Applications

  • Vehicle body structures and modules
  • Fabricated assemblies
  • Chassis and suspension subsystems
  • Energy management systems


  • Structural Frames
    • Aluminum Structural frames for high-performance vehicle
    • Aluminum Chassis and cab structures for survivable military vehicles
  • Structural Modules & Sub-Assemblies
    • Low-to-medium volume flexibility
    • Multi-product fabrication/ assembly experience
    • Multi-joining fabrication/ assembly experience
    • Multi-joining processes
    • Prototyping
  • Added Fabrication
    • Precision sawing
    • Manual/ robotic welding
    • Press/CNC bending
    • Heat Treating
  • Extrusions
    • Right Tolerances
    • Complex profiles
    • Thin walls/multi-voids
    • Engineered 6XXX & 7XXX Alloys
    • Thermal Processing
  • Design and Engineering
    • Maximized manufacturing efficiency and survivability
    • Impact prediction modeling
    • Fatigue performance prediction for materials and joints

Why Alcoa

  • Unmatched ability to design and deliver strong, lightweight aluminum solutions
  • Unparalleled expertise in aluminum structural materials, processing and production
  • Full prototype, testing and production capabilities
  • Finished products that consolidate parts while reducing costs and streamlining the supply chain
  • Certified facilities and processes
  • Flexible volume