Aluminum Investment Castings



Alcoa Howmet is a leading worldwide producer of precision investment castings for military, aerospace and commercial applications.

We specialize in producing, large, complex parts that provide exceptional strength and meet tight tolerances. Often, these parts are thin wall structures for airframe and air- craft engine applications. Through the use of our monolithic parts, customers streamline their manufacturing processes and save time and money by eliminating the extensive machining and assembly required by multi-piece parts.

Typical Applications

  • Electronic packaging
  • Missile housings
  • Engine front frames
  • Gearboxes
  • Airframe structures


  • Size up to 72” long, 40” wide and 36” high
  • High-strength alloys
  • Thin wall castings
  • Concurrent engineering support
  • Optical metrology
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Intricate cores and passages
  • Incorporating stainless steel bushings in aluminum castings
  • Laval, Quebec, facility largest in world to use “lost wax” aluminum casting technology

Why Alcoa

  • Large size capability
  • Proprietary SOPHIA casting process delivering high mechanical properties
  • Technical expertise and support


Who we work with

  • Army, Navy, OEMs, Marines, Congress, DoD, Subsystem Suppliers, Primes


Innovative Monolithic Bulkhead