Hard Alloy Extrusions

Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions offers the world’s broadest product range of hard alloy extruded products.

As an industry leader, we possess an extensive portfolio of extrusion and drawn tubing capability. Our tolerances and performance characteristics are industry benchmarks. Alcoa’s global extrusion network includes four U.S. facilities, as well as facilities in Germany and South Korea.




Typical Applications

  • Armament
  • Ordnance components (sabot shapes and fins)
  • Missile structures and launching hardware
  • Aircraft structural shapes
  • Helicopter blades, tail rotors and driveshafts


  • World’s largest seamless tubes and hollow shapes
  • World’s leading supplier of air-to-air refueling boom extrusions
  • Leading supplier of sabot shapes for U.S. munitions

Why Alcoa

  • Only qualified supplier of large tubes
  • Industry leader in new alloy development
  • OEMs can consolidate all orders wit Alcoa, as we produce all sizes and forms of hard alloy extrusions


Who we work with

  • OEMs. Army, Marine, Prime, Navy, Subsystem suppliers, Congress


C-5 Success




Hard Alloy Extrusions