Alcoa Technology


When you need to make aluminum do something it's never done before, contact Alcoa.


No other company understands more about the application of aluminum to new and exciting end products than the company that invented the aluminum industry more than 125 years ago. Alcoa's patents in aluminum technology begin with the basic process itself and continue today with innovations in fabricating, forming, alloys, surface finishes and high speed production. Time and again Alcoa's know-how has made the difference in getting a big new idea in consumer electronics to market.



Browse some selected technologies from our patent library below. For a more complete list, click here.

Need to reduce the amount of heat radiating from your consumer electronics product? See what we’ve done for other markets:
Micro-textured heat transfer surfaces

Desire a differentiated surface with color, patterns or function, such as wear or scratch resistance? Look here:
Apparatus for coating metal strip
Method for making aluminum sheet and plate products more wear resistant
Primer for radiation curable coating compositions
Prefinished deformable metal reflector sheet

Want to make aluminum bend, shape, form or join in ways previously unimaginable? See what we can accomplish:
Method and apparatus for trimming aluminum sheet
Adhesive bonding process for aluminum alloy bodies including hypophosphorous acid    anodizing
Curved back reclosable metal packaging unit
Projection welding of an aluminum sheet
Friction plunge riveting