Finishes & Surfaces


Bright Finish
Using authentic material like aluminum in electronic casings gives the consumer a sense of quality and value that they expect from their product. For products like mobile phones, laptops, and flat panel TV frames, a mirror-like, high quality metallic finish can be achieved using Alcoa’s aluminum bright sheet. The pre polish/mirror finish can be applied directly to the coil so a finishing step can be eliminated from the process. A diverse palette of color can be applied to this finish through anodizing.


Matte Finish
A matte finish is a smooth and satin like texture. Adding a distinct feel to any handheld product or laptop, the matte texture can be applied either as a post finish or directly to the aluminum coil as a cost savings to the finishing process. The matte finish is available in varying levels of abrasiveness and texture.


Brushed Finish
The brushed surface is a classic finish for aluminum for any consumer electronic casing. The brush texture is available in a variety brush stroke lengths. This texture can be applied directly to the aluminum coil and can also be anodized in a variety of colors.