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Alcoa aluminum provides stronger, more durable consumer electronics products. It can be formed, cut, joined, shaped and can create products in a wide variety of looks and finishes. Aluminum enhances function, user experience, and value in products. We’re also using aluminum as a springboard for concept development and prototyping in the consumer electronics market. Designers are exploring a stream of new techniques such as precision die-casting for enclosures, casings, and structural components, and a constantly expanding range of engineered and anodized surface treatments.


Aluminum components can make computers and laptops thinner, lighter, and transfer heat more efficiently.


Mobile Phones
Designing mobile phones in aluminum enables extensive product differentiation, pushing the boundaries of design and making products recyclable.








Flat Screens
Strong, lightweight aluminum can perform effectively in bezels, frames and backplanes for flat panel displays.


Aluminum in Flat Panel TVs [370 KB]









Strength and durability are a must for any handheld device, especially for cameras. Aluminum achieves this along with ability to add distinct surfaces and finishes.








Tablet PCs are known for their sleek and simple designs. Aluminum finishes bring sophistication to the design while adding strength and protection to the touch screen through highly engineered aluminum frames.