Study finds Alcoa Forged Aluminum Wheels dramatically cut the carbon footprint of commercial vehicles

Savings of switching one truck from steel wheels to Alcoa Forged Aluminum Wheels equals the average annual carbon footprint of an American household.
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Aluminum will be greenhouse gas neutral by 2030

In the critical transportation industry, our research in lifecycle modeling has shown that by 2030 the emissions of the entire aluminum industry can be offset by the potential emission savings from the transport sector's increased use of aluminum.
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Nickel and Cobalt Superalloy Castings

Arconic Power and Propulsion's expertise in the investment casting of nickel and cobalt superalloys is unsurpassed.  With nine superalloy casting facilities in four countries, Arconic Power and Propulsion meets the needs of our customers in a variety of industries.

With Our Customers From Beginning to End
Arconic Power and Propulsion produces equiaxed, directionally solidified and single crystal superalloy investment castings to meet our customers stringent requirements.  We work with customers from the first step of the design phase through full production runs.

Worldwide Resources
Arconic Power and Propulsion's nine superalloy casting facilities are located in four countries.  Each facility excels in providing our customers with the most reliable, highest quality castings and the best customer service in the industry.

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Arconic Power and Propulsion

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Manufacturing Locations

Superalloy castings are produced at these Alcoa Howmet locations:

Dover, New Jersey

Hampton, Virginia

LaPorte, Indiana

Whitehall, Michigan

Wichita Falls, Texas

Exeter, England

Gennevilliers, France

Normandy, France

Terai, Japan