Study finds Alcoa Forged Aluminum Wheels dramatically cut the carbon footprint of commercial vehicles

Savings of switching one truck from steel wheels to Alcoa Forged Aluminum Wheels equals the average annual carbon footprint of an American household.
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Aluminum will be greenhouse gas neutral by 2030

In the critical transportation industry, our research in lifecycle modeling has shown that by 2030 the emissions of the entire aluminum industry can be offset by the potential emission savings from the transport sector's increased use of aluminum.
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Commercial Transportation : Wheels : Medium Duty : 25080 - Hub Piloted 16" x 5.5" on 205mm bolt circle

25080 - Hub Piloted 16" x 5.5" on 205mm bolt circle

Finish Part Number
Brushed Both Sides
Polished Outside Only
Polished Inside Only
Brushed Both Sides250800
Polished Outside Only250801
Polished Inside Only250802

Specifications Measurement
Size16 x 5.5J
Bolt Circle8.071
Hub Bore Diameter6.343
Bolt Hole Diameter0.63
Max. Wheel Load12340
Wheel Weight16
Max. Inflation – cold80
Valve Stem54MS-00

Accessories & Mounting Hardware Part Number
Front Outer Cap Nuts -
Rear Inner Cap Nuts Al/Al -
Rear Inner Cap Nuts Al/Stl -
Rear Outer Cap Nuts -
Hub Cover SystemHub covers: Front - 021120 Rear - 022120 Kits - (2 covers and 12 lug nut covers)

Do not exceed maximum wheel load. Customer must compare OEM vehicle load rating to maximum wheel load rating. Do not overinflate. Refer to tire manufacturer's recommendation for proper tire pressure. Before mounting the tire, perform a wheel fitment check to ensure proper clearance from any obstructions.

1. Capacity ratings as dual or single in highway service – bias-ply or radial.
2. Outset (positive)/inset (negative) – The distance from the rim centerline to the mounting face of the wheel. Inset (negative) places the rim centerline inboard of the wheel mounting face and outset (positive) places the rim centerline outboard of the wheel mounting face (½ dual spacing = offset).
3. Clean Buff Inside Only finish for products 822627, 843627. Clean Buff Outside Only finish for products 824627, 834627, 893657.

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