Study finds Alcoa Forged Aluminum Wheels dramatically cut the carbon footprint of commercial vehicles

Savings of switching one truck from steel wheels to Alcoa Forged Aluminum Wheels equals the average annual carbon footprint of an American household.
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Aluminum will be greenhouse gas neutral by 2030

In the critical transportation industry, our research in lifecycle modeling has shown that by 2030 the emissions of the entire aluminum industry can be offset by the potential emission savings from the transport sector's increased use of aluminum.
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Commercial Transportation : Sheet, plate, foil : Nautic-Al


NAUTICAL - designed for maritime use
Arconic's NAUTICAL product line uses the 5xxx series of alloys, developed to provide the special strength, workability, and corrosion resistance that marine applications require. 

Out now: Nautic-AL H128 is setting a new marine standard
Arconic's Nautic-AL H128 is specifically designed to provide both commercial and naval shipbuilders with improved corrosion resistance. An addition to the established Nautic-AL family of marine sheet products, H128 meets an accelerated corrosion test specified by the US Navy to provide resistance to sensitisation and contribute to ships meeting their planned service life.
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