The Challenge:
Complete re-engineering of the mainstream Ferrari body structure (60% of all Ferrari cars) and supply a totally new architecture in aluminum.

The Actions:
Alcoa worked closely with Ferrari and Pininfarina to design the structure and key components of the 360 Modena. Aluminum parts for the spaceframe were produced at Alcoa's plants in Soest, Germany; Köfem, Hungary; Drunen, The Netherlands; Modena, Italy; and Davenport, USA.

The spaceframes were assembled and tested in Alcoa's facilities within Ferrari's Scaglietti works plant. In addition to design and assembly services, Alcoa provided Ferrari castings, extrusions, and sheet for body panels.

The Results:
The optimized spaceframe design for the Ferrari 360 allowed the team to reach Ferrari's goals with respect to the F355:
  • 40% increase in torsional & bending stiffness
  • 10% more total space
  • 28% weight savings