The Development
  • VRC/PRC is a modified low pressure permanent mold casting process which uses vacuum and pressure to bottom-fill a mold cavity from a molten aluminum bath.
  • VRC was developed in 1950's by the Alcoa Casting/Forging Research Lab and was commercialized in the 1960's.
  • PRC was added to VRC in 1985 and the combined process is called VRC/PRC.

The Process
  • With VRC/PRC the furnace metal is continuously topped up.
  • There are no feeder heads.
  • Multiple fill tubes eliminate shrinkage and facilitate multiple products.
  • Water cooling circuits provide rapid, and directional solidification.
  • Since the mid 1990's Alcoa Automotive Castings has produced about 40 million structural castings with VRC/PRC.