Alcoa's automotive products have revolutionary performance advancements that successfully re-positioned entire brands. Our products improve vehicle dynamics, enhance steering and braking and increase acceleration while naturally reducing weight, improving fuel economy and aiding recyclability. Alcoa products stimulate driver confidence, improve occupant safety, facilitate larger and more comfortable passenger compartments and add street appeal.


Many of the safest cars in the world feature Alcoa components in their crash managements systems. Five-star safety performance is one of our most important contributions we can make to the driving public. Our occupant protection products help meet the challenges presented by weather and impact with other vehicles. They are also key elements of accident avoidance. Our safety-orientated products include highly-engineered crumple zones, side-impact beams, engine cradles and even canisters holding air bag.

Comfort & Convenience

Easier opening and closing, more functionality, better visibility , reduced squeaks and rattles and increased interior room are benefits Alcoa's innovative automotive products add to the driving experience. Hood, truck, hatchback, tailgate and roof rack made from our products are easier to install and service. Our latest electric products are being integrated into the next generation of intelligent vehicle system, maximizing efficiency to deliver the optimal occupant environment.


Alcoa offers our customers the opportunity to differentiate their products with fresh designs and eye-catching appeal. Alcoa's wheels have been compared to jewels shining in the sun. These new looks and bold shapes are made possible by our advanced manufacturing process. Creative new surfaces and textures also add to the excitement of Alcoa products.