Why Alcoa? 

“2014 marks the beginning of dramatic growth for aluminum in the auto sector.”

     Klaus Kleinfeld, Alcoa Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Optimized design solutions enhance the driving experience.


Alcoa’s depth of expertise in materials engineering is unmatched

  • Alcoa operates the world’s largest light metals research and development center, Alcoa Technical Center (ATC), located in Pittsburgh, Pa.
  • More than 100 PhDs, 200 Master’s degree-holding professionals and 600 scientists serve on site at ATC, supporting Alcoa’s global businesses and their customers
  • Alcoa developed 95 percent of all alloys used to build today’s commercial aircraft
  • Alcoa developed 70 percent of the foundry alloys registered with the Aluminum Association


Alcoa combines industry-leading alloy and process knowledge to deliver better solutions

  • Alcoa is a global leader in understanding and predicting the behavior of aluminum during processing
  • Alcoa leads the world in the development and use of phenomenological and physics-based material models
  • Examples of Alcoa’s material modeling capabilities include:
    • Sheet forming and springback predictability models
    • Extrusion collapse modeling


Alcoa delivers sustainable vehicle solutions

  • Alcoa is an industry leader in integrated aluminum design and joining technologies
  • Alcoa’s ability to develop optimized solutions is facilitated by its extensive knowledge of:
    • Forming
    • Machining
    • Joining and assembly
    • Finishing
    • Fatigue performance of materials and joints
    • Crash Prediction Modeling (Property Testing, FEM)
    • Design for manufacturing
  • Alcoa continues to develop new alloys and processes serving the next-generation needs of the automotive market

Closure Sheet

Alcoa’s body sheet products comprise some of the most advanced alloy and process technology in the industry.



Brazing Sheet

Alcoa invented aluminum brazing sheet and its heat exchanger sheet products are industry benchmarks for brazibility, post-brazed strength and in-service corrosion resistance.




Driven by innovative products and leading-edge technology, Alcoa aluminum wheels answer the auto industry’s call for customized, lightweight, great-looking wheels.




Alcoa is a global supplier of cold-finished and extruded aluminum products for the passenger car and truck market.



Mining Forgings

Alcoa plays a critical role in worldwide mining markets with the supply of extrusions and closed-die forgings for underground and surface mining applications, as well as for off-highway and bulldozer vehicles.




Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings is a global manufacturer of high-quality, reliable, high-performance automotive fasteners. With decades of providing both standard and highly specialized fasteners to automotive OEMs and tier suppliers we can support you in creating a securely fastened automotive product. Our extensive range of products mean we have the perfect fastener for most automotive applications.




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