Alcoa’s military grade aluminum protects troops and increases fuel efficiency. 

Aluminum is the most durable metal in the world and has been used by militaries across the world for decades. 

OEMS understand aluminum's durability and are using military grade aluminum to increase durability while simultaneously improving fuel efficiency.



US Army Fuel Efficient Demonstrator - Jay Leno's Garage




U.S. Army General, Paul J. Kern on the Durability of Aluminum in Military Vehicles






Aluminum is long lasting and corrosion resistant, increasing a vehicle's lifespan and reducing rust repair.
Aluminum components are strong enough to handle a broad spectrum of applications, from consumer to military.
Aluminum components provide more structural stiffness than those they replace, yet are 50 percent lighter.
Most aluminum alloys are engineered for extended service life.

Pictured at the top of this page are "before and after" images of Alcoa aluminum blast shields that are placed under a military vehicle. In addition to its light weight, aluminum helps absorb energy and protects troops during blasts.