Cost Effectiveness

"Automakers are increasingly choosing aluminum as a cost-effective way to improve the performance, safety, durability and fuel efficiency of their vehicles."

     Klaus Kleinfeld, Alcoa Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

See How Aluminum is Cutting Costs at the Pump

Reducing vehicle weight with aluminum can result in the lowest total vehicle lifecycle environmental impact – cradle-to-grave – as compared to both traditional and advanced steels.



Weight reduction with aluminum is a cost-effective complement to maximize the benefit of all other fuel economy improvement technologies.

  • Advanced aluminum body structures in electric vehicles require fewer batteries to move the lighter vehicle and could save up to $3,000 per unit.
  • A significant share of material cost premiums are offset by secondary cost-savings realized by weight reduction with aluminum.
  • Aluminum in automobiles represents 30 to 50 percent of its scrap value, yet only accounts for 5 to 10 percent of scrapped automobiles by weight.