October 25, 2011

The Alcoa aluminum smelter in Deschambault supports seven projets in Portneuf and recognizes the commitment of its employees

  • The Alcoa Foundation supports seven important initiatives in Portneuf, including a tree-planting project.
  • 118 Alcoa volunteers accomplished eight ACTION* programs to date and 122 Alcoa employees participated in the Bravo!** program.
  • To date, 462 volunteers accomplished over 11,000 hours of service in 2011.

A recognition event, held by the Deschambault aluminum smelter in the framework of the 6th edition of Alcoa’s Worldwide Month of Service, brought together roughly 70 people at the Ciné-Centre culturel Alain-Grandbois in Saint-Casimir, a venue that was renovated thanks to the support of the Alcoa Foundation and volunteers from Alcoa. Community partners, representataives of not-for-profit organizations, as well as Alcoa employees and their families, were present at this annual gathering. Plant management took the opportunity to highlight the employees’ actions, including their active participation in the Centraide 2011 campaign, their Héma-Québec blood donor clinic, their 10 ACTION programs, and their third consecutive participation in Operation Red Nose.
The Alcoa Foundation annonces seven partnerships in Portneuf
  • The community housing project Les Appartements Sainte-Jeanne
  • La Résidence Portneuvienne’s solidarity co-operative
  • The Chambre de commerce de l’Ouest de Portneuf and the creation of its action group for sustainable development
  • The Corporation L’Autre Cartier and its DEFI project
  • The Carrefour F.M. Portneuf and its community kitchens
  • JeunEssor Portneuf and its school retention project
  • The CAPSA and its tree-planting project
Stephanie A. Wolcott, Alcoa Foundation’s Principal Manager, Social Responsibility and Community Outreach, traveled from New York and took the opportunity to underscore the impressive participation, year after year, of the Deschambault smelter’s employees in several of the Foundation’s initiatives. She stated that this recognition activity reflects all the importance that the smelter grants to a community involvement that not only rests on a beneficial and commendable commitment, but also constitutes a good example!
As to the Deschambault smelter, management set out its partnership of three years with Expo Donnacona. Through its contribution, the smelter supports this popular event in its efforts to become an eco-concerned corporate citizen.
The employees take concrete and sustainable action for the generations to come
To date in 2011, thanks to the leadership of 340 volunteers, including 118 Alcoa employees, the following organizations welcomed an ACTION program, in addition to receiving a grant of $3,000 each:
  • The Neuville tennis club, enhancement of two courts: leader Normand Aubé
  • Camp Kéno in Saint-Léonard, miscellaneous maintenance work: leader Bertrand Vincent
  • Portneuf Elementary School in Cap-Santé, enhancement of the schoolyard: leader Carl Edgeley
  • Saint-Marc-des-Carrières, development of a multi-generation park: leader Christian Gravel
  • Regroupement des propriétaires du marais de Grondines, collaboration for the construction of fish fences and a tree-planting session: leader Sylvain Duval
  • Laura Lémerveil in Donnacona, optimization of the premises: leaders Caroline Cantin and Denis Guay
  • École Courval in Neuville, fit-up of the schoolyard: leader Yves Turgeon
  • Saint-Casimir, fit-up of the shores of the Sainte-Anne river: leader Martin Denis
  • To come: accomplishment of works at La Résidence Portneuvienne (leader: René Darveau) and participation in Operation Red Nose for the benefit of the Mira Foundation (leader: Daniel Papin)
Added to this involvement is the participation of 122 employees in the Bravo! program in 2010. Thanks to this volunteer support program, over 9,124 hours of service allowed 57 organizations in Portneuf to share $30,500.
“It’s stunning to see all our team’s contributions in 2011, but what is even more impressive is to see our employees answer the call year after year, and always in greater numbers,” underlined Martin Brière, Vice-President and CEO of the aluminum smelter, which has participated in seven ACTION programs so far this year. “By taking sustainable action, our people become agents of change in our region. Furthermore, the presence of the Alcoa Foundation in Portneuf makes it possible to bring to fruition projects that are in keeping with our values, namely in the areas of health, safety, education and environmental protection.”
About the Alcoa smelter in Deschambault
The aluminum smelter in Deschambault has a team of 500 employees producing over 250,000 metric tons of aluminum per year. In addition to the Deschambault smelter, Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products (GPP Canada) is comprised, in Québec, of the Baie-Comeau and Bécancour smelters, as well as the Bécancour Rod Plant. These four plants have an annual production capacity of roughly one million metric tons of ingots, castings, billets and aluminum rods. GPP Canada employs close to 3,400 people and its activities generate over $1.2 billion in economic spin-offs annually in Québec. More information can be found at www.alcoa.com/canada.
About the Alcoa Foundation
Alcoa Foundation is one of the largest corporate foundations in the U.S., with assets of approximately US$436 million. Alcoa Foundation has invested more than US$530 million since 1952. In addition to responding to local needs identified by Alcoa communities, Alcoa Foundation seeks to find solutions to broader sustainability issues, like climate change. In 2010, the Foundation awarded over US$825,000 in grants to organizations in communities where Alcoa Canada’s facilities are located. Its impact is magnified by the commitment of Alcoa’s employees in Canada who have devoted over 200,000 hours of service to 200 organizations in the course of the past five years. All four Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products plants have achieved certification under Recyc-Québec’s ICI ON RECYCLE! program. More information can be found at www.alcoa.com/canada under Community.
*About the ACTION program
The ACTION program recognizes the work of employees, who commonly direct their efforts to accomplishing hands-on community projects. Non-profit organizations not only benefit from the volunteer work of the Alcoa employees but also from a $3,000 Alcoa contribution.
**About the Bravo! program
The BRAVO! program highlights the work of Alcoa employees who dedicate at least 50 hours per year to a non-profit organization by an accordance of $250 addressed to the organization  through the employee participant.