October 6, 2011

Partnership builds sustainable development a home

  • Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products becomes the main partner for the Centre for Sustainable Development by investing $3 million over five years.
  • A portion of this contribution, coming from the Alcoa Foundation, will be used to create an information centre on sustainability open to the public.

Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products is pleased to announce one of the most substantial financial contributions in its history, a partnership agreement totalling $3 million over five years with the new Centre for Sustainable Development. The 6,000 square-meter, five-story building, located in the heart of Montreal’s entertainment district and targeting Platinum LEED certification, will house the offices of several social advocacy groups.
A portion of this contribution, coming from the Alcoa Foundation, has been earmarked for an information centre that will be open to the public. The centre will accompany its many visitors in their journey to discover the concrete actions each can take to help resolve major environmental issues. In addition to the obvious link with the activities of the building’s tenants, this comprehensive information centre will offer materials on recycling and energy efficiency programs, as well as on renovation assistance programs, eco-friendly horticulture, environmental regulations, educational initiatives and awareness/mobilization.
Aluminum at the Centre
As is the case for virtually every modern building, aluminum was one of the construction materials used to create the Centre, both improving its overall environmental performance and allowing it to accumulate LEED certification points.
A “sustainable” partnership
“The partnership between Alcoa and the Centre for Sustainable Development opens up new and rewarding prospects,” said Pierre Morin, President of Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products. “We are thrilled to contribute to the fulfillment and success of this innovative and crucial sustainability-driven initiative.”
Alcoa: sustainable action
In Quebec, Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products (GPP Canada) is comprised of the Bécancour (ABI), Baie-Comeau and Deschambault smelters, as well as the Bécancour Rod Plant. These four plants have an annual production capacity of almost one million metric tons of ingots, castings, billets and aluminum rods. In Quebec, Alcoa employs roughly 3,400 people and its activities generate over $1.2 billion in economic spin-offs annually. Further information is available at www.alcoa.com/canada.