April 15, 2011

Alcoa encourages the implementation of the BNQ 21000 guide through a pilot project and encourages its suppliers to adopt sustainable practices

  • Alcoa is cofinancing one of four pilot projects in sustainability through participation of 12 of its suppliers, which will apply principles from the BNQ 21000 guide
  • This initiative adds up to other sustainable actions driven by the company, including a participation to the development of the BNQ 21000 guide and a “responsible procurement” approach already in progress with a sample group of Québec suppliers

The official launch of the BNQ 21000 project, developed by Neuvaction, and of the BNQ 21000 guide, published by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ), offered the opportunity to announce the participation of 12 of Alcoa’s suppliers in one of the four pilot projects designed to integrate this sustainable development approach into various corporate networks.
The principles and tools set out in the BNQ 21000 guide, entitled “Guide pour l’application des principes de développement durable dans la gestion des entreprises et des autres organisations,” will be implemented through these pilot projects. This standard aims the gradual appropriation of sustainable development principles within Québec companies, through the deployment of relevant mutual support systems and management tools in an approach buoyed by the financial support of the Government of Québec.
Alcoa cofinances, through its pilot project, the sustainability diagnosis and coaching for 12 of its suppliers located close to the facilities of Alcoa Canada Primary Products Group (GPP Canada) in Québec:
  • Montréal area: Services Ménagers Roy, Delom Services
  • Portneuf area (Deschambault): ProMetal Plus, Charl-Pol Portneuf
  • Mauricie/Centre-du-Québec area (Bécancour): Recyclage Arctic Beluga, Tri-Recy, Groupe MBI, Johnston-Vermette
  • Côte-Nord area (Baie-Comeau): Fabrication Fransi, Entrepac, Sani-Manic Côte-Nord, Nord-Forêt
This coaching activity, stretching over a period of 18 months, is designed to ensure that the guide’s principles are integrated into the suppliers’ daily operations. These suppliers will therefore be perceived as early adopters in terms of sustainability.
The pilot project has also received financial support from Québec’s Department of Economic Development, Innovation and Export Trade (MDEIE – Montréal and Québec regions), Emploi-Québec (Grand-Mère, Portneuf and Montréal regions), the CRÉ Capitale-Nationale, Québec International, the CLD of Portneuf and Innovation et développement Manicouagan.
From 2008 to 2010, Alcoa also participated in the proceedings of the standardisation committee acting under the direction of the BNQ to develop the BNQ 21000 guide.
A logical follow-up to Alcoa’s other initiatives
Alcoa wished to support this pilot project following the recommendations of its Advisory committee on sustainable development. The members of the committee deemed important that the company offer concrete support to its suppliers in the area of sustainability, and establish the means to measure their economic, social and environmental impact. In fact, in 2010, Alcoa completed an evaluation project targeting its Québec suppliers using a selection key it developed on the basis of four aspects of sustainability: governance, environment, social aspects, and proximity. In light of the response provided by a sample group of over 80 suppliers who answered a questionnaire, the focus will be on assisting its suppliers to foster the enhancement of their practices.
Alcoa believes that the BNQ 21000 guide constitutes a strong sustainability tool and wishes to promote its diffusion among all the Québec suppliers. The company thanks the suppliers participating in the pilot project, not only for their cooperation, but also for their support serving the advancement of knowledge on sustainability in Québec. It also wishes to congratulate Neuvaction, the BNQ, the Université de Sherbrooke, and the MDEIE for the official launching of the BNQ 21000 guide.
Details on the guide and the BNQ 21000 projects can be found on the Internet at www.bnq21000.qc.ca (in French only).
About Alcoa
In Québec, Alcoa Canada Primary Products (GPP Canada) is comprised of the Bécancour (ABI), Baie-Comeau and Deschambault smelters, as well as the Bécancour Rod Plant. These four plants have an annual production capacity of almost one million metric tons of ingots, castings, billets and aluminum rods. GPP Canada counts roughly 3,200 employees and its activities generate over $1.2 billion in economic spin-offs annually in Québec. Further information is available at www.alcoa.com/canada.