• Identifying and measuring risks

At Alcoa, we aim to identify and quantify all health risks that could potentially cause acute and chronic diseases or exacerbate pre-existing personal conditions. We identify chemical, physical and biological risks present in Alcoa facilities and related to our manufacturing processes, operations or the products we use.


Our corporate objectives are based on eliminating the primary causes of undue health risks. Our focus is on the long-term eradication of inherent risks, whenever possible, rather than the use of layers of protection to manage risk. The first line of defense is to take action immediately upon the introduction of new products or equipment to establish high standards regarding their potential impact on the health of our employees.


In addition to avoiding the introduction of new health risks, our facilities identify risks associated with chemical and noise exposure, and ergonomics, so they can put control measures in place such as product substitutions or eliminations, work practices management or other solutions (e.g. personal protective equipment).


We then establish long-term and incremental targets aimed at eliminating and systematically controlling the risks. This enables us to quantitatively monitor our progress toward achieving the ideals we have established as our benchmarks.


Risk control programs must remain active and effective. Audits are scheduled and every facility must achieve acceptable results for each program.