• Sustainability Strategy


In our view, the three pillars of sustainability are interdependent.


We feel as great a responsibility towards the environment and the communities where our smelters are located, as we do towards the creation of wealth that benefits these regions and all of Québec.


Alcoa adopted strategic sustainable development objectives and developed a corporate governance structure to integrate sustainability into its business strategies.


These objectives guide our smelters’ improvement efforts in landfilled waste, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and energy efficiency, as well as in safety, hygiene, diversity and employee wellbeing. We also integrate the Alcoa Supplier Code of Conduct into contracts we sign with our Canadian suppliers.


In addition to Alcoa sustainability guidelines, the Primary Products Group establishes specific policies in Canada, notably on Community Support and Energy Efficiency. We also participate in different initiatives associated with our local context.


The creation of our three Alcoa Sustainable Communities Funds is also noteworthy. Inspired by the United Nations Agenda 21 local program, these Funds are innovative financial levers to support implementation of sustainability plans in the communities which host our smelters.