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Message from the President of Alcoa Smelting and Canada Region


As demonstrated by our first voluntary GHG emissions agreement with the Québec government back in 2002, environmental protection has long been a priority for Alcoa Global Primary Products. Sustainability is one of the core values integrated into our operations.


Alcoa Global Primary Products and all our employees want to make a difference in the communities where we live and work, and for Québec as a whole.


Thanks to the expertise and spirit of innovation of our people, the Québec smelters are among the best performing in the Alcoa network—and this applies to sustainability as well. It is no coincidence that the Alcoa Smelting Center of Excellence is located here in the Deschambault Smelter.


By visiting this site, you can learn more about our performance.


Martin Brière
Alcoa Smelting and Canada Region








Unless otherwise specified, the Alcoa’s Canadian sustainability website reports on the aluminum production operations of Global Primary Products in Québec. The facilities included are the Baie-Comeau, Bécancour and Deschambault smelters. While l’Aluminerie de Bécancour is 74.95%-owned by Alcoa and 25.05% by Rio Tinto Aluminium, all of its performance data is reflected in this site.


Amounts are presented in Canadian dollars as at December 31, 2015. When required, US dollar amounts are converted at the average conversion rate for 2015 (US$1 = CA$1.28).