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Among the highest rates of engagement in the industry


2013 Results 

Employee engagement index
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Engagement and Communication


We aim to engage our employees and create a work environment built on trust, open communication and cooperation.
Employee Engagement: a Pillar of the Alcoa Business System (ABS)

One of the ways we engage our employees is through the Alcoa Business System (ABS), since improvement and problem-solving rely on employee involvement. Employee engagement is, in fact, one of the three fundamental principles of the ABS system, along with internal and external client satisfaction, and enhancement through the elimination of waste. Throughout our operations, employees are invited to actively participate in life at the plant.
Fostering Engagement through Recognition
Sharing best practices is at the heart of Alcoa's success. The most noteworthy initiatives receive worldwide Impact Awards. These awards, the highest distinction that Alcoa gives its employees, highlight the strengthening of human values, the improvement of economic performance and a positive public profile, while motivating employees to do their best to improve performance and generate enviable results.
In 2013, our region presented several worthy projects at the Impact Awards and Alcoa Canada received an Honourable mention for its Canada takes action to foster the next generation’s interest in the aluminum industry project. 
One of the Highest Engagement Rates in the Industry
The efforts of Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products to mobilize its employees have been rewarded with an outstanding rate of employee engagement. Every year, Alcoa employees are asked to complete a global survey to obtain a realistic portrait of their views on various important issues, namely management effectiveness, leadership and vision, communication, growth and development, commitment and belonging, recognition, quality, safety, and working conditions. The results are analyzed by country, by business unit, and by plant.
In 2013, the survey showed an engagement and sense of belonging average score above 82% for employees in our Québec plants, the highest level in Alcoa Global Primary Products, outperforming even the best-in-class results for the manufacturing industry, as measured by the IBM Kenexa benchmark index.