2013 Results

Percentage of women on the management team
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Distribution of operations support team engineers
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Networks supporting diversity

Alcoa Women’s Network




The Alcoa Women's Network: for better leadership

Diversity and Inclusion


For Alcoa Canada, promoting diversity and inclusion means focusing on how to build on our similarities while leveraging our differences to achieve the best performance possible. We believe in creating a quality work environment where all of our employees are challenged to reach their full potential.
All qualified individuals seeking job opportunities with us will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, nationality, physical ability, sexual orientation, gender or age.
Diversity and inclusion reach beyond the purview of the Human Resources department. Our president and the entire management group are committed to ensuring that all of our teams endorse and actively champion the company's initiatives.
Alcoa Inc. is recognized globally for its diversity and inclusion policies, as evidenced once again in 2013 by recognitions from respected organizations.
Promoting diversity in our operations
Given the importance of competency management and succession planning to our business, we are always seeking ways to foster diversity within our team. This is apparent, for example, in the number of women we employ.
At the end of 2013, 16% of all our engineers were women, specifically 26% of our engineers aged 45 years or less.
Respecting diversity in the workplace
We offer a workplace where all employees are valued and encouraged to express their ideas and opinions. To this end, we have created a number of networks that support diversity across Alcoa’s worldwide operations, including Alcoa Women’s Network, Alcoa African Heritage Network and Employees at Alcoa for Gay and Lesbian Equality (EAGLE). Other groups have also been created in response to specific needs in different facilities.
No incidents related to diversity were reported in 2013.
Diversity: a strength
The scope of Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products activities reaches well beyond the borders of Québec and Canada. Thanks to projects in Iceland, Norway and elsewhere in the world, members of our operational and technical teams are sharing their ideas and best practices globally. Sometimes, they welcome colleagues from other countries to exchange on what they have learned – or learn something new. In other cases, they have been invited to travel to other parts of the world for a few days or even a few months. Coordinated by the Smelting Center of Excellence, a pool of experts operating throughout Alcoa’s Global Primary Products but based at our Deschambault Smelter, our team is sharing its expertise with colleagues across the globe.
Alcoa Women’s Network
Established in 2003, the Alcoa Women's Network drives the development and advancement of women leaders throughout the company by helping Alcoa improve its practices for recruiting, retaining and promoting such leaders. The Québec chapter of the Alcoa Women's Network aims to promote women leaders within the company, notably by providing a venue to share their experiences.