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Our goal is to attract, develop and retain the best talent, and to create a work environment built on respect, concern for health and safety, environmental protection and ongoing development. In this type of environment, we believe that every employee can contribute to our collective success.


Approximately 96% of our employees are involved in metal production and processing, equipment maintenance, engineering and technical support. These activities require a high degree of theoretical and practical knowledge, a fact that is reflected in the increase in classroom training, which averaged 18 hours per employee in 2013. These efforts are also a response to workforce renewal resulting from retirements. Succession planning is a major component of our strategies and in 2013 there was a successor for all key positions, both immediate and over a three-year horizon.


For over three years, we have been deploying the Human Performance program in each of our facilities. Under this program, we analyze and optimize our approach to human resources so that each of our employees becomes a participant in changing our health and safety culture. This approach has already produced encouraging results, both in terms of health and safety, and in communicating with our people and their engagement.


Despite a difficult market for primary aluminum products in recent years, leading to the early closure of the Söderberg plant at the Baie-Comeau Smelter in 2013, the employee engagement rate remained high at 82%, outperforming the highest levels in the manufacturing industry as measured by the IBM Kenexa benchmark index.