GRI Index

GRI Index
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We developed this index so that interested parties may compare the content of our sustainability report (i.e. the Sustainability section of the Alcoa Canada website and Outlook on Sustainability 20122013) with the G3 guidelines and the Mines and Metals sector supplement of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).


In light of stakeholder interests, we evaluated the materiality of various issues to determine the most important elements to disclose.


The last column of the index provides links toward the information required for each indicator.


When information corresponds to the activities of our parent company, Alcoa Inc., rather than our own, we supply the appropriate link to the Alcoa Inc. website. We also invite you to consult Alcoa Inc.’s GRI index.


The notation “Partially Covered” means that we disclose only part of the information required. In most cases, we are already working on closing the gap by improving our data collection.


“Not Covered” means that the data is not yet gathered or is confidential.


“Not Applicable” means that the information required is not relevant to our operations.


The indicators we reported on in 2013 enabled us to achieve Level B under the GRI indexing system.


The GRI differentiates between basic indicators and supplementary indicators, the first being considered applicable to all organizations, while the second (indicated as “Sup”) relate to practices that are new or relevant only to certain organizations.


The notation “MM” corresponds to indicators specific to the Mines and Metals sector, which are considered basic indicators for Alcoa.


For more information on indicators and G3 / G3.1 Guidelines application levels, consult the GRI website.