Smelting Center of Excellence

To find out more about the Deschambault Smelter, where the Center of Excellence of Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products is located.

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The Alcoa Inc. leadership team decided to establish the Smelting Center of Excellence at the Deschambault Smelter. Thanks to this strong show of confidence, Québec has been able to share its aluminum expertise with the world.


In addition to being a main training hub for Alcoans from around the world, and a nerve centre for developing, transferring and standardizing best practices in manufacturing and human resources management, the Center of Excellence offers the following:

  • Applied Research Centre – The development, refinement and implementation of technologies related to every step of the aluminum production process, including optimal energy use, the reduction of air emissions, the choice of materials, and anode composition and organization;
  • Industrial testing site – A portion of the Deschambault Smelter is set aside for research and experimentation, technical trials and performance testing. It is also the preferred location for validating technologies developed by the Alcoa Technical Center in Pittsburgh, the largest aluminum research centre in the world;
  • Framework for assisting plants in difficulty, and for supporting plant start-up and modernization – With its team of high-level specialists, including many experts from Québec, this framework plays an important part in the construction of Alcoa smelters worldwide.


Some 30 experts, close to half of whom are from Québec, are dedicated to achieving innovation in aluminum production through their work at the Smelting Center of Excellence