The Business Roundtable Principles of Corporate Governance

Alcoa endorses this document as a comprehensive statement of responsible corporate governance principles. You can see it here in PDF format.


Corporate governance


Alcoa’s corporate governance system rests on values that are shared throughout the organization. The implementation of these values is clearly defined and structured within a strategic vision and a set of policies, principles, frameworks, programs and protocols. These various elements result in concerted action thanks to efficient management and audit systems.
For the third consecutive year, Alco was named the world’s most admired company in the metals industry, according to a Fortune magazine ranking of corporate reputation. Alcoa has been ranked on this prestigious roster since it was initiated 31 years ago.
The rules of governance and their structure are determined at the highest levels of the organization, which has adopted an efficient framework to monitor compliance. If you would like to know more about Alcoa’s governance by-laws and guidelines, as well as its compliance monitoring committees, their functions and members, we invite you to consult the Governance section of the company’s global website.
In Québec, Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products established a Sustainability Advisory Committee in 2006 to better integrate into its practices the sustainability concerns and expectations of its communities