Case Studies

These case studies illustrate how Alcoa is acting upon its commitment to sustainable development throughout the world. We are pleased with this progress, but look forward to achieving even more.

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2010 — Health and Safety

Consolidating our activities around best practices

In 2009, we adopted an approach aimed at better harmonizing our tools and best practices. By sharing our knowledge, ideas and strengths and by combining our efforts, we are in a strong position to face our ongoing health and safety challenges. In support of our initiatives, our regional organizational plan enabled us to deploy and complete some 20 projects to optimize our tools and prevention activities. Several issues were addressed, including:
Emphasizing inter-plant communications. We put in place weekly follow-up mechanisms to enable us to track our injury trends and to foster teamwork and coordinate our actions surrounding common trends.
FOCUS on preventing risky behaviours. We favoured job observation and health and safety visits.
Health and safety organization focused on exchange. We created a regional framework that addresses all health and safety issues by area of expertise and further centralized our databases.
Consolidating activity management. This included harmonizing health and safety roles and responsibilities, initiating a levelling plan for training, and prioritizing communication among teams through orientation meetings and other tools.
Developing strategies for controlling risks. This included reviewing the monitoring process for potentially serious accidents and harmonizing actions aimed at eliminating the most severe injuries.